American Village: Amesville, OH

12 images Created 27 Dec 2017

American Village is a photo essay documenting the community of Amesville, Ohio through quiet moments and portraits of place. Looking at the map of Ames Township in Athens County, Ohio,  Amesville is but a small dot in the bottom righthand corner. The village has an official population of less than 200 people. Yet, many residents of Ames Township identify as members the Amesville community, even when they live beyond its borders. Amesville, today, boasts of being the best small town in Athens County. It has become a hotspot for artists, homesteaders, and retired professors who live alongside the locals whose families have been here for generations. The simplest way to tell if someone is truly a local around Amesville is to find their road. As Adam Ramseyer, who works at the Coonskin Crossing, put it,  “You’re only a local if there’s a road named after you.”
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